What it All Means

A thirst for knowledge was in their eyes.  A quest for wisdom their in it lies.

To scratch a little below the surface.  They’re to find a hope a purpose.

Imprisoned beyond control in mind.  A need to search a need to find.

To share the depth I feel inside.  Nowhere to run nowhere to hide.

An answer please is what I long.  To feel and think there is nothing wrong.

To hear no more their laughter and sighs.  To be free to search the skies.

Layers of thought peel back one by one.  To uncover the tears and pain long gone.

Scars revealed too see in the rain.  Resurface once more to reveal the pain.

One day I’ll be free mind clear and bright.  To challenge the day and face the night.

Longing to have my heart and its dreams.  To unlock the secret of what it all means

Photo by Taylor Lyth

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