Closing My Mind

The whisper becomes louder the words become clear

listening closer what do you hear

music is playing out in the rain

nobody went out nobody came.

In on your own alone in your mind

what do you look for what did you find

thoughts became made words you now form

put them together who will you harm.

My eyes are so tired, tired and closed

When will they open only they know

On what will they focus what will they see

A place where I’m going a place to feel free.

The memories distorted the vision does fade

the voices are going and what they said

I need to re-lighten your image so real

hold my hand slowly touch you and feel.

My mind is just running, running real fast

scanning the future rewinding the past

door of my mind is closing once more

my feet are inside climbing back to the fore.

Stepping out slowly I now feel a breeze

I’ve searched it all over I now feel at ease

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