The Mystery

Look it’s hidden shrouded in bliss

Cold wintry night fog rising quick

On tree’s, your eyes focus branches beware

Listen intently, listen to hear

The damp ice weather you feel in your chest

Try not to breathe in try not to rest

You’re out on a journey, one that’s so long

A journey with danger where no one’s been on

The dawn approaches the light starts to rise

Still foggy and damp thinking back on the lies

Think for a moment you’re now in a daze

A bird flies by quickly you recover your gaze

Your teeth chatter lightly you stamp up and down

Try to get warm not get yourself harmed

You can not feel anything your body feels numb

The forest is ending your destination has come

You have to be careful how you walk and tread

How you approach it, what will be said

Tact and submission both you will need

Not pushing too fiercely be ready to concede

There on the hill the one over there

A little while longer and soon you’ll beware

Of something behind you, what will it be

What would be following you what does it need

The fog has just lifted blue skies are out

You’re nearing the cabin you start to shout

“Can anyone hear me what is your name?”

Why are you behind me what is your fame?

Nobody answers silence envelops

Deafening silence nothing develops

The cabins unlocked in you walk

The door crackles noisily at the smell you now baulk

Dusty with cobwebs furniture old

The room feels eerie you now don’t feel cold

A warm glow of a feeling you feel from the floor

Floorboards creak loudly as you near a door

You open it and pause what could be here?

Your heads round the door you let out for air

The hairs on your face stand up on end

What are you seeing whats to defend

Walk a little nearer you tell yourself so

Another step forward you bend down very low

Slow thoughtful movements slight touch you dare

A shocking image one to beware

Time is now stopping the clocks just don’t move

Kneeling and praying you to try to disprove

You have come all this way hoping to find

But the reason for coming is left behind

The image is moving and starting to breath

You can’t move a mussel the tension you feel

It opens it’s you can now see its head

The smell is dreadful smells like its dead

I should uncover this image, the image I see.

What I’m I uncovering what will it be

Behind comes the image the one that did follow

Me in from the woods in self-pity it wallows

Sweat pours profusely out from the pores

The image behind you is now on the floor

Screaming and shouting but no words were heard

Frightened a zombie with death its concern

I uncover the image the one in the room

Peeling its hood it pictures a fool

I can’t believe this image I see

The image beholding is an image of me

Roles are reversing I’m now on the floor

Desperately trying to get to the door

It’s showing me visions of what I am like

Things deep inside me that I try to fight

The image behind starts to reveal

My future the reasons for wanting to live

Hide I must do from what I am

Have to start running as fast as I can

These visions are shrinking both into one

They melt to the floor both visions are gone

I stagger about shaken and pale

My head is now pounding frightened and frail

Back to the woods is where I must go

Home from a journey, a journey so slow

If you feel lonely distressed or down

Go on a journey see what you find

Find yourself somewhere you won’t believe

That what you find your mother conceived

Any of the visions they could have died

Replace and possess but you stayed alive

You need to believe this is no conspiracy

You have to believe in this deep-seated mystery

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