Life is good.

Have you read or watched ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne? The formula for attracting things to your life? Of course you have. Does it work? I read the book in early 2013 and loved the philosophy. That was it then in 2014 I made a list of the things I wanted and needed in my life and money was on there of course it was, but it wasn’t at the top of my list and still isn’t which is the reason I block money from my life. My health was and someone to love were the top of my list. I didn’t mean just anyone, and I wrote down what I wanted in someone, and I was very explicit that if she wasn’t this then forget it. Then I did the same with my health, mental health, and again I focussed on how wanted live and that I wanted to be free of medication if I could and that I could be happy every day. My health has improved beyond my expectations, and with a grateful heart, I give thanks. The woman in my life is everything and more that I desired. I wanted someone to laugh with to debate with to hold to sing with and my god Sha has a tremendous heart beating inside her. The difference she makes just lighting up a room she walks in. It is a privilege it is to build a life with her. Together with my beautiful daughter studying for her A levels, our son is now three, and we are expecting a little girl next week and not to forget our Husky Storm make up this fantastic hub of happiness and love. From the minute I open my eyes and place my feet on the floor until I get to bed naturally tired, I have to pinch myself at just how lucky I feel so blessed. THIS SHIT WORKS!

Gratitude also plays a big part in my life because it is everywhere in life. The Magic Book written by Rhonda Byrne was a life-changer, and I  use it repeatedly; it is my bible. It has helped shift my focus, my mental state into a day of positivity, and it moves you. You can’t help but change, grow become happier by focussing on the positives in life. It mended a broken relationship with my sister, who could have chased me away after years of being estranged, and it was all over nothing but my pig-headedness. I will always be grateful she was so happy to hear from me, and to meet her husband who and her two boys, my nephews. This law of attraction is real no longer hiding away with a mantra of either ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m scared’ and ‘I’ve given up.’ I have qualified as a life coach I am a company director I am working again though as with everyone its hit by Covid 19 but I’m excited about the future but getting the most out of now, this moment.

The realisation, my ‘this is it’ moment in life, and for the third time, I point to Rhonda Byrne’s new book The Greatest Secret. I didn’t know it was coming out I found out just before New Year and got it. I must admit early on, I was struggling, shifting uncomfortably in my chair, impatiently fidgeting, and my mind wandered a little and anxious that this book was going to rubbish the Secret. Then I got it and gasped and felt the hairs on the back of my neck ever since. It all sounds like manic rhetoric by me or some crazy obsession with the author. Let me reassure you of two things, the lunatics run the asylum, and I have read tons of great books out there from distinguished authors in the self-help industry, and I have listened to Earl Shoaff, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Joe Vitale. There are books by Tony Robbins, Jen Sincero, Stephen Covey, Matt Haig, Ruby Wax, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles and John C. Parkin.

There is also Allan and Barbara Pease (great place for someone with paranoia who thinks no one likes you) Professor Michael Puett and others I may be failing to mention. They have all made their mark and help me along the way. The books The Secret, The Magic book, and now The Greatest Secret positively impact me day by day and hour by hour and minute by minute.  Now I am armed with the ability to dissect the anxieties that have long held me in a tight grip for so long, impacting my life. Anxiety attaches itself to you anyway it could, or so that is what I long believed. Can they be overcome? I believe so. dog

When Max my boxer(see previous blog) and I were alone of a night in the house, I would barricade my bedroom door and place a draft excluder at the bottom of the door. I would keep the windows shut even in the summer because I had convinced myself a snake would get in and I would wake to it half eating Max. I couldn’t sleep even heavily medicated. I would eventually drift off and wake again in a panic. The other day there was a story of someone going to their toilet to find a python in the bathroom, and they shut the door on it only to open it again and not find it. They didn’t sleep all night. That story just a few years ago would have sent me over the edge. With the techniques I have found in The Greatest Secret, I have dismantled the anxiety I can breathe its power has gone. When we can mix freely again, I will get near snakes, perhaps find someone with a passion for them to let me handle them.

One massive anxiety, fear, hang up dispelled like that. Ok, another example I have had this bizarre desire to drag up embarrassing moments from my life. I blamed the other me for doing this I gave the laughing, critical voice inside me, the one we all have in us, a name. I called my inner voice, Pancake Paddy. Pancake would love to roll on those moments of cringe one after the other. I tried everything, but they rolled out. Naming him was a strategy given to me for it to lose its hold over me. This book comes along and bang it’s sorted after years of literally being embarrassed all of the time. I allow then in my presence but beyond that I don’t acknowledge them or try and chase them away. They have no hold or power over me and guess what it doesn’t happen anymore. I can’t believe it I really can’t.

I always said to my mental health professionals ‘give me a big tablet, a one off tablet as big as my head and the deal is once I have taken it all this shit has gone. I feel I have had that opportunity. I will be honest about how the journey goes while I have it. If I struggle, I  won’t hesitate to ask for help if I need it, but it has all changed. Life can be challenging, modern life presents challenges to everyone but everything has changed it all feels different and I can be eternally grateful.

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