Moment of Clarity

In the park at midday

You had just rolled out

Another one for me to recoil at

I realised then what your

About (a turd rolled in glitter) 

Years of ignorance

Because I now get it

Your whole pleasure is

Canning me. Watching as

I suffer in pain

But then you leave me

When I’m on the floor

And now I know why

To keep me alive, well

You keep your fun

At my demise, only

My death is useless to you

My death you would mourn

As it would also be yours

So together, we are bound

But listen. You have had

Your way for far too long

I may never win

But I will challenge you

I will fight you

All the way

I am referencing the inner critical voice in me that I feel has been the reason for the negativity within me, a lot of why everything seems so hard. It was the moment of realisation.

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