So I’m leaving hotel Asylum

The budget won’t stretch no more

Bags are packed, arrangements made

It’s time to walk out the door

What lies ahead now I’ve rested my mind?

You know I’m not sure

Don’t know who I am anymore

Will they find a cure?

The clock is ticking, the TV. Is on

Distracting my artistic mind

But I like to gaze into space

And everyone’s been so kind

Will I survive, will I find the strength?

To get up after being hurled down

Life looms on me like a cage fighter

Humiliating me like a clown (in a show)

I thought I’d feel like a hostage

Waiting to be set free

But I’m going to miss my asylum

I just needed to find me

I wrote this after needing to be supported for a period of time. Couldn’t thank the staff enough.

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