His Shadow

Memories are so clear, vivid and real

I can’t imagine a time when I did not feel

A burning sensation deep down inside

Of a love that I had, I no longer hide

I lived longer without him than I did with

All precious times, gladly to give

To have him return whatever the cost

To regain once more the love that I’d lost

Things I remember the details so great

His smile and his walk to see I cannot wait

I did love him some wonder why

My father my idol oh why did he die

After a fight for survival, no more could he give

To stay with his family every reason to live

The saddest of all was he wasn’t at home

Life ebbing away, he died all alone

The day is my hope to see him again

To stand beside him free of pain

To walk right behind him, he I will follow

When once again I will be his shadow

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