Casualty of negative conclusions to realise its the destruction, the boom caused Everybody fragments, we all fragment He she they said-who do we believe dust settles everyone goes there own way We all move on however some of us have great difficulty knowing where things start and end too busy consoling reassurring and yet not… Continue reading Boom


Dingy I feel like an empty dingy bobbing about with no destination On the horizon swaying here moving there being rocked in my cradle emptying, my mind and soul listless. Heavy clouds gather. I'm a sitting duck all this water off a duck's back hardly. My Feathers ruffled My life tossing about like some rubber… Continue reading Dinghy

No beans

Time nears, a new chapter looms. What’s next? I’m not sure? But I’m about to walk out the door? Some time for me some time for you. Just wish something would do. The chorus sings over and over about new dawns. Though I must confess I’m lost too much of a cost. Running out of… Continue reading No beans