A NewStart

  • My Head

    12th Nov 2020 by

    Sometimes I feel like I need To use a can opener On my head To empty intrusive Thoughts That lay dormant In my head Once exposed to all Is it possible? I can’t control What’s in my head Are they as ugly  As they seem? Or are they better Left in my head

  • In Time

    11th Nov 2020 by

    Music takes you anywhere you want to go A song can transport you back Your mood can be lifted or send you melancholy Where has life taken you since? Has the song lost its relevance? Perhaps you once had the world at your feet Or have you lied to yourself for years Then REM and Pulp blew away those false… Read more

  • Fallen

    19th Aug 2020 by

    I was reminded of my own Vulnerability It admittedly hurt I have to focus though On my own life To acknowledge Fellow fallen soldiers Who didn’t make it When fellow Mental Health sufferers fall and lose their battle the effect it has on those left standing.

  • Dusk

    7th Aug 2020 by

                                                                   Town was buzzing the band was playing people everywhere smiling it was good to see The only dead-pan looks were on the faces of the homeless and the Jehovah’s Witnesses I watched the people go by from the comfort of the cafe my camomile tea my only companion No rush to leave I go about my day in complete… Read more

  • The Parapet

    9th Jul 2020 by

                                I sense the familiar sensations and feelings pulling at me, back to a place I thought I’d left behind. I thought I was clear but I am again to be challenged. If I could be spared the box ticking I may just make something of myself. I find it puzzling the direction I’m asked to follow. More blind alleys’… Read more

  • Chains

    30th Jun 2020 by

    At this very moment I feel engulfed Chained and psychotic My opinion of myself could not be More defined Or riled-full of self-deprivation hatred Despised I don’t want to die alone in some corner Like a wild animal I’m finished, I’m done all over the place Stuck in chains Thank god I don’t feel like this anymore and have a… Read more

  • For Granted

    23rd Jun 2020 by

    Have I taken myself, my health for granted? Or I’m I allowing others to do so? The pain comes from the knowledge And because I feel it is being used Against me. You set yourself up Then you have to pick yourself up again. No one likes a victim So, for once I’m going to wait See how long you… Read more

  • Illuminate me

    19th Jun 2020 by

    As I read each page it was like A light highlighted the words Someone who has tread the boards Before I find great comfort in them I need to pursue the threads illuminated Its time to make sense of it all While I can take it in In other words…………… Whilst I’m well I wrote this after reading An Unquiet… Read more

  • The Mystery

    1st Jun 2020 by

    Look it’s hidden shrouded in bliss Cold wintry night fog rising quick On tree’s, your eyes focus branches beware Listen intently, listen to hear The damp ice weather you feel in your chest Try not to breathe in try not to rest You’re out on a journey, one that’s so long A journey with danger where no one’s been on… Read more

  • Losing Us

    21st May 2020 by

    It’s bad enough the loss Without you having to deal With it. Every time you go upstairs You’re losing a little bit more of us……… Having experienced losing three pregnancies in 13 months the above describes the fear that grips the man when you are well aware of what is happening but the words between you go unuttered.

  • Flood

    28th Apr 2020 by

    The flood overtakes your thoughts Taken by surprise I stepped outside of myself I was looking down My outer shell was speaking My inner self was thinking My mind is unattached I’m on overdrive A part is what I play An actor is what I am Why do I do this Here for all to see rather be Somewhere else… Read more

  • Ignorance

    14th Apr 2020 by

    I must have sinned missed something didn’t read it all became inadequate not trusted unworthy ignored unwarranted declined unfavoured what did I take for granted not thankful become hopeless not funny not rich I’m as far from you now as I was in my ignorance Photo by Yvonne Blackledge

  • COVID-19

    5th Apr 2020 by

    Covid19 can cause real anxiety for people with poor mental health that goes without saying. I remember hearing about this virus in an area of China and asking Sharon, my partner, did I have anything to worry about? “No love we will be ok here.” This was the right and sensible answer the one I would have given. Ten days… Read more

  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night

    17th Mar 2020 by

    Where did you sleep last night? By Mark R Lyth Time went by I realised I have my own life to live I would have done anything my heart to her I’d give Yes I too got married see it was my pride That day I did think of her I wished she was my bride Photo by Taylor Lyth

  • Polishing

    9th Mar 2020 by

    The rain batters the shed roof we sit in silence while we polish our shoes ready Dad’s applied the polish to both pairs. The silence broken by questions questions I did not want to answer this is a moment, one to remember in years to come I love this moment as we shine the shoes glisten now, we head back… Read more

  • Books

    3rd Mar 2020 by

    unbroken spine the smell of new , old and borrowed to touch anticipation journey imagination interpretation indignation entertainment word count discipline characters schedules editing fear release critique you me Photo Taylor Lyth

  • A Crumbling Facade

    30th Jan 2020 by

    Once the web of manipulation is exposed The life you had was just a facade That kept you stuck and feeling suffocated For years. It can take years to free yourself Mentally from their grasp. Spiritual Pain can often never heal Photo by Taylor Lyth

  • No News

    20th Jan 2020 by

    It has been three weeks now since I’ve seen the news. It has taken great discipline to avoid it. I have disabled all social media accounts, unsubscribed from various media apps, avoided the T.V. and newspapers. When I’m in a supermarket I sort of dance blindly past the newspapers and magazines. The biggest challenge of course is to try and… Read more

  • An odd Resolution

    12th Jan 2020 by

    It started when I was asked to do some research on New Year’s Resolutions for our coffee morning group. I was surprised by some of the research which suggested that by the beginning of July 46% of Resolutions were still in place. When I looked further the big Resolution’s where the ones that had fell by the wayside for example:… Read more

  • Closing My Mind

    2nd Jan 2020 by

    The whisper becomes louder the words become clear listening closer what do you hear music is playing out in the rain nobody went out nobody came. In on your own alone in your mind what do you look for what did you find thoughts became made words you now form put them together who will you harm. My eyes are… Read more

  • Out In The Field

    27th Dec 2019 by

    It is hard to find a niche to trundle happily along kicking stones and clutching grass. This one life for periods half lived. In the wrong rooms Wrong houses, in the wrong jobs a lack of determination blame everyone else for my own deficiencies. I think perhaps I need to be assertive pick a goal and run with the ball… Read more

  • A Miscarriage of Justice

    21st Dec 2019 by

    How do you formulate a response? What is the message I have to learn? My heart hasn’t recognised the change yet, my already paranoid mind has shut down. I laugh and don’t cry. Look normal and happy but they can’t see or hear inside me It’s just as well, silence is deafening and my pain, that is all too real,… Read more

  • A Work in Progress

    17th Dec 2019 by

    Perhaps there is a reason for my reticence perhaps I can’t begin to grasp it at all. But I will always seek to find answers I will always try and stay on the ball. This life of oh so much more insignificance has possibility to bloom. Into something good and spiritual a journey with no impending gloom. I am all… Read more

  • The Ledge

    12th Dec 2019 by

    I stand so many floors up I don’t know exactly how high Enough to end me If I fall The window behind me is open With every fibre I try not to Acknowledge the gusting wind that calls You’re not well are you? I know its hard not to be really I was just managing to stay afloat The chorus… Read more

  • Again

    21st Nov 2019 by

    If only the echoes in my mind And ghost of lives past Could leave me just for a day The dark skies no longer cast The shadows, make me look rather Intimidated as I grope about In my unbearable time here Nothing is easy I could fucking shout About wasting my life and time On things so mundane When in… Read more

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I turned to writing for therapy after a long period of ill-health. I have just returned to work. I am a researcher, writer, and Mental Health Advocate.

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