A to do list

I have books to read-read them I have groups to attend-go and enjoy I have podcasts to listen to - go listen I have audiobooks to absorb-absorb Such pursuits water the soul I have water to drink-go drink I have herbal remedies to take-take them I have no alcohol to drink-abstain from I have love… Continue reading A to do list

Don’t waste a minute

She carrased your hair whilst showing you photos you look fucked a horrendous diagnosis you both will never know how this moment impacted me it wasn't his dressing gown stockings or wheelchair that shocks me it was his age similar to minone, i hope to his god you both are at a crossroad she to… Continue reading Don’t waste a minute


Casualty of negative conclusions to realise its the destruction, the boom caused Everybody fragments, we all fragment He she they said-who do we believe dust settles everyone goes there own way We all move on however some of us have great difficulty knowing where things start and end too busy consoling reassurring and yet not… Continue reading Boom


Dingy I feel like an empty dingy bobbing about with no destination On the horizon swaying here moving there being rocked in my cradle emptying, my mind and soul listless. Heavy clouds gather. I'm a sitting duck all this water off a duck's back hardly. My Feathers ruffled My life tossing about like some rubber… Continue reading Dinghy

The Other Me

The man that appears to me with each swipe of the razor blade reveals his vulnerability. The fresh warm water becomes as murky as his life as he clears his blade of dead cells and hair It is his wish to become born again one morning whilst shaving. To stare back at a wonderful man… Continue reading The Other Me


Emotionally bankrupt spiritually corrupt This life for me is not much fun the drinking and spraying words of shit I wonder what's going to be the next big hit Self -medicating is over now time to heal To love and be good and process the wheel that goes round and round and round your addictions… Continue reading Wheel


It seems rightly, that imagination is everything, I need to drop off the hamster wheel again in order to self-explore me. I need to find the Christ in me because there lies the answer not to my prayers but my conduct, attitude, gratitude and self-love. I am the creator of my life what I see… Continue reading Manifesting


Dream the dream you have always dreamed where butterflies occupy your stomach where excitement accompanies you with every step. The possibilities that are ours to feel proud to feel nurtured to feel at home it belongs to us all Manifest it to yourself the world explodes we watch in awe


When your surprised and not When your shocked but not When your confidence drops When your self belief is questioned When your very now is interrupted When your tomorrow’s pain is becoming born That later will be the very thing that holds you back The scab you will later pick The shit that you stir… Continue reading Time-bomb