His Shadow

Memories are so clear, vivid and real I can’t imagine a time when I did not feel A burning sensation deep down inside Of a love that I had, I no longer hide I lived longer without him than I did with All precious times, gladly to give To have him return whatever the cost… Continue reading His Shadow

Gorgeous Sexy Woman

I love everything that we sharethe intimacy, the longing, the yearning.Your laughter fills me with hopeYour sincerity enables me to copeYour insight into my past. Your sadness helps me. Your understanding caressesThe very few words are enoughI hope one day I can be enough.That is all I want from you. You!To guide me to my… Continue reading Gorgeous Sexy Woman

Labour Pain

How they cease to be of any relevance so quickly is the question that is not considered by those sifting through the debris Held back by poor headlines Gulf war, no money left, banking crisis spin, spin, spin. This country has no appetite for socialism, sadly. the white van man rules. it would have helped… Continue reading Labour Pain

Follow the Sea

                                                              Follow the masses all serving themselves, with greedy thoughts. They never pause, stop or think The system stinks They run a race the sea crashes Against the rocks The tide comes in the tide goes out Another life……..


You don't wake up, well not for a while. Every morning on automatic pilot, no amounts of coffee will see me right. The fog never fully lifts, by the end of the day a light mist still shrouds me. Inside is a man begging to be let out. To be set free. Not shackled to… Continue reading Meds